There Really Are No Strings Attached (Seriously!)

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Why I Created This 3-Part Course

I had been praying about how I could effectively help people with the two main concerns everyone has and that is their health and financial condition. The scripture that I had been meditating on was 3 John 2 - I wish above all that thou might prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.
That night I had a dream / open vision from the Lord. In this vision I saw a man standing and his legs were formed with the words health and wealth; one leg was formed with the word health and the other leg was formed with the word wealth.
As I continued watching the man was then on two crutches formed by two different words; medication and mortgage. Immediately the scene changed and I saw the man in a wheel chair and the wheels formed the words hospitalization and bankruptcy.  I sensed that the Lord was still pleased with the man because he was still moving forward regardless of his condition. I was overwhelmed with compassion and said; "Oh Lord, what can I do to help him?"
Suddenly I saw the hand of the Lord touch the man on his head and he stood up; as he stood up his legs again changed to the words health and wealth. I heard the Lord say; "I want you to teach my people how to have "Two Good Legs To Stand On"!
As soon as the vision ended the Lord flooded me with scripture and the simple steps needed to help anyone strengthen their "Two Good Legs To Stand On"!
I now present to you the complete step by step process for you to begin strengthening your "Two Good Legs To Stand On"!

I'm Giving You Behind the Scenes Access to Our Entire Ministry Team (Explaining How to Do It)

All of us need a little help getting started on our path to health and wealth.  You can take this journey alone or you can have someone who cares about you and will take you by the hand to help you quickly avoid the pit falls, confusion and roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your goal.
I now present to you the complete step by step process for you to begin strengthening your "Two Good Legs To Stand On"!

So, without further ado, here’s the course…